How do we keep the office and house windows clean in difficult to reach areas?

Cleaning windows in high or difficult to reach places can be frustrating at the very least.  Windows tend to get very dusty and grimy especially after a rain shower, and are a very unattractive sight, and the dirty window corners seem to attract the grime and be a safe haven for grime.

In homes the windows are often overlooked in the cleaning process and can be very tedious to clean. In offices the windows are often too high to reach and window cleaning can be time- consuming. If you are in Johannesburg, rather spend your time making your business work and leave the window cleaning to The Cleaning Lady.

The Cleaning Lady works throughout Johannesburg and has the tools and expertise to cover all your window cleaning needs, especially in those in the most difficult places. The cleaning staff works to remove all the lint and dirt and dust that have settled into the crevices of the windows in a method which will leave our customers satisfied.


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Motivated and trained staff is the cornerstone of good client service.

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