Our People

As reliable and competent cleaning services in Johannesburg, we are require us to have motivated and trained cleaning staff as the cornerstone of good client service. It is with this in mind that we carefully select cleaning staff to serve at client sites.

Cleaning staff training:

All our cleaning staff members go through an induction period where basic cleaning skills are imparted to them. We are very proud of our in-house training programme, which has a strong approach to technical cleaning skills and enhancing industry knowledge. Our staff also undergo additional training through external SETA centres, thereby ensuring that we have reliable and trained individuals who have a professional approach to their cleaning duties.

All new client contracts begin with experienced training staff to facilitate a smooth transition to the new challenges at new cleaning sites. It is further our policy to place the staff as close as possible to their workplace. This minimises the travel costs and the amount of time spent away from their families, whilst also minimises the possible interruptions of transport instabilities on absenteeism.

All staff also gets on-site training and assessment in cleaning services, or the specific position they are employed in, on a continuous basis. This helps the staff to deal with challenges they encounter on a daily basis in the workplace. These practical and relevant skills are essential to enhance the status of a professional cleaning person. Only through the accumulation of knowledge can we make a difference.

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Motivated and trained staff is the cornerstone of good client service.

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