How does dust and dirt accumulate in a regular office

A combination of dust, skin cells, material fibre, actual dust from the air, particles blown in form the outside. Regular cleaning of the area is needed to remove the allergens from surfaces. Cleaning of the area needs to be regular and thorough to remove dust

Our skins are constantly renewing cells, as the old ones fall off they collect dust mites. Dust mites are 0.2mm and are extremely small and translucent. These dust mites react as a foreign substance and can cause immune reactions. When the body reacts with the immune system, antibodies are formed which are seen as protection, but often over react and can cause swelling of the body’s airways. This is aggravated by conditions such as asthma. Long term immune response, other triggers such as pollen, cigarette smoke can all cause long term health problems and infections.

How to keep a clean home and office space:

  • Regular wall to wall cleaning of carpets, mats. Dust all surfaces with wet cloths so that the dust cannot re-settle.

  • Keep pets out of the living areas, and possibly out of the house.

  • Use anti mite spray on mattresses and pillows

  • Use the sunlight on the mattresses to kill the mite, and vacuum regularly

  • Wash linen in warm to hot water weekly, and wash the towels at a minimum of weekly.

  • Reduce household humidity in high humidity areas.

  • Replace wool and feathered pillows with washable materials

  • Use a vacuum cleaner with water filters, or double layered filter bags


Cleaning of Offices and in Industry:

Getting rid of grime and dust can be even more difficult in industries where there is oil, moisture, dust.

The Cleaning ladies offer: Window cleaning, floors, and commercial cleaning expertly done by skilled staff.

Having professional cleaning services reduces the dust and grime, reduces the stress of the Business owner or management and ensure a clean and welcoming office space for staff and for your clients.

The cleaning lady has trained staff which will handle the day to day cleaning needs of your company

Cleaning is specific to the company needs.  

Cleaning service contracts in Johannesburg provider, offering cleaning services contracts to corporate, commercial, industrial sites and construction sites.

Cleaning services for businesses Johannesburg. Supplying corporate cleaning services for:

Thecleaning services extends to window cleaning, carpet cleaning, sanitary services, chemical deep cleaning, garden maintenance, and trained tea ladies as well as a supply of consumables and dispensers and waste separation compacting.

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