Health and safety tips for office cleaners and domestic workers



Office and industrial cleaning is necessary for a clean and hygienic work environment. However safety for office cleaners and domestic workers is of utmost importance while cleaning, as there are some cleaning products that can be harmful and accidents can happen while cleaning which would rather be avoided.

Why ensure safety for office cleaners and domestic workers?

The saying goes "Safety first" and applies to emergency scenes as welll as any area where a potential hazard is around. Safety principles mean fewer injuries, fewer long term medical expenses, fewer law suits, and this all means a win-win for employer and employee.

Personal safety is a top priority as an office cleaner, and the person can take pride in taking the correct safety measures. There are risks and hazards from cleaning due to mechanical injury, checmical injury and even psycholigical impact of hazards around. There are precautions and health and safety tips for domestic workers when cleaning.

Health and safety tips for domestic workers while cleaning

  • You can reduce slips and falls by having anti-slip strips or rugs, mopping liquids immediately drying wet floors. Personal protective equipment such as slip resistance and waterproof footwear should be worn by the office cleaner, and signposting of hazardous areas is paramount.

  • Wear rubber gloves and protective clothing when using strong cleaning products to prevent contact with skin, and eyes.

  • Always use wignboards when cleaning floors.

  • Use ladders or step stools for cleaning hard to reach places, avoid standing on tables and chairs as they are dangerous and might be unstable. Ladders should be out of the walkway, clearly visible and firmly estanlished on the ground. Preferably work in 2's as there is a second person to assist if necessary. 

  • Clean in well ventilated areas before and after cleaning by opening windows and doors and using the fan to clear the air and remove odours.

  • Get assistance to carry heavy objects or when moving heavy furniture while cleaning.

  • Be cautious when wiping or mopping around electrical sockets, plugs and electrical appliances.

  • Use non-toxic cleaning products for areas and surfaces used for preparing food.

Health and safety tips when working with cleaning products

  • Store cleaning products in their original containers and in their rightful places, and close containers properly to prevent spills and fumes from escaping. Store cleaning products away from children pets and food items.

  • Wash and clean your hands properly after using cleaning products.

  • Follow safety precautions and instructions while using cleaning products labelled “toxic, poison, danger, caution and use as directed”, these terms are an indicator that care should be taken when using them.

  • Dilute concentrated cleaning products with water before using to prevent fumes and inhaling harmful chemical products.

  • Never mix cleaning products, they can trigger dangerous chemical reactions that can be harmful to your health. Use less harmful cleaners to humans or make homemade cleaning products as an alternative.


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