The Cleaning Lady on household mould and fungi

The Cleaning Lady: Tips in preventing the breeding of household moulds and fungi

  • Clean all open surfaces and touch points with a disinfectant and then keep them dry.
  • Vinegar is the most effective way to remove mould and deter the mould from coming back.
  • Wash bath and other towels at least 1x week Hang mats and towels in the direct sunlight to kill spores.
  • Wash hands before/after handling food especially meat.
  • Wash hands after visiting the toilet
  • Wipe down doorhandles, toilet handles and common places where people touch with bleach or vinegar
  • Wipe down telephones with a damp cloth and some bleach daily
  • Keep floors, toilets, basins, cupboards surfaces clean.
  • Change bedding weekly
  • Sterilise toothbrushes with bicarbonate of soda to loosen the grime, and then boiling once a week.
  • Dish towels need to be washed daily after use Wash dishes with warm to hot water, add, some lemon and vinegar in to the water to kill any bacteria
  • Scrub the bins more often after rinsing with vinegar or bleach
  • Remove mouldy food a from the refrigerator Keep pets out of the kitchen and off carpets.
  • Wash their blankets andhang them to dry in the sun weekly
  • Remove waste from inside bins daily to prevent contamination.

Why bother with household mould / mould or fungus?

Are you battling with an unexplained breathlessness in certain areas, or increase in allergies in your home or business? This could be due to micro-organisms in the house or building. Microbiology is the scientific study of these micro organisms.

Micro-organisms are those organisms that are too small to see with the naked eye and include things like, fungi spores, dust mite, and mould spores.

Micro organisms have a huge impact on our health, and because we don’t see them, it is often to late by the time we realise we are adversely affected.

Mould is a health hazard and can cause:

  • Headaches
  • Yeast infections
  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Lung complications

Mould can also cause infections in your household pets and can consume your home faster than you realise.

Fungi or Mould?

Fungi can grow as yeast as single cells, or multicellular filaments example mushrooms. Moulds include all types of fungus. These have tiny powdery spores which are released into the air when they are moved or wiped, or blown into the air. In small quantities the healthy immune system can combat the fungi or mould, but in an immune compromised person, they can be deadly.

Moulds typically like wet and warm areas example shower and bath areas, even on ceilings in moist areas Fungi and moulds are also often found on mats used for wiping feet and drying towels. They breed in different places and are found in the kitchen, office, bathroom and bedroom. They can be found everywhere in the natural environment.

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