Safety principles in cleaning using SHERQ


S – Safety

H – Health

E – Environment

R – Risk avoidance and analysis

Q – Quality control


SHERQ is a management system that comes up solutions to health and safety issues in the workplace. SHERQ is implemented to protect employees, clients and guests by minimising risks to the environment and improving quality. SHERQ is implemented to improve the health and safety of the company and to ensure that there people are aware of the safety principles in cleaning.


Safety principles in cleaning in the workplace

In regards to people in the workplace, there are some guidelines that can be used to ensure that people inside the office are safe from any harm. When dealing with slips from wet floors, spillage, stairs, trip hazards and floors and mats in poor condition ensure that people are aware of those things.

Ensure that there are wet floor signs that indicates to people that the floor is still wet, when there is a spillage its recommended to clean it up immediately, make sure that there are signs to hold onto the railing while using the stairs, cleaners are advised to use electronic sockets closer to them and make sure that electrical cords are not in the way to cause people to trip and make sure to make people aware of damaged mats and floors and report it immediately. 

Its good to use safety principles in the office area to ensure that the desk is clean from dirt and germs. Make sure that all office equipment is disinfected to prevent sickness. When using the toilets wash your hands with soap and make sure the sink and the area around it is clean. The kitchen hold the most germs, make sure to use clean kitchen utensils and wipe the counters and kitchen equipment after use to prevent germs, a dirty kitchen and roaming insects.

Contract cleaning services are trained to understand risks, implement safety procedures to minimise risk/falling etc, can evaluate environmental risks with regards to cleaning needs.

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