Why clean carpets professionally?

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Make a good impression in your office by doing regular carpet cleaning. THe Cleaning Lady does carpet cleaning for offices and industry in Johannesburg.

Cleaning your carpets professionally ensures the job is done correctly and efficiently. Professional carpet cleaning ensures longer lasting carpets as they are protected.

Products to clean carpets professionally.

Carpets can be cleaned chemically with carpet shampoos specifically created to remove grime and reduce smells. 

What is the best method to use when cleaning a carpet?

Steam cleaning also known as deep cleaning removes 95% of the dirt and dust from the carpets

Carpets tend to attract dust mite and small bits of grime, food, human based and other. Doing a carpet steam-clean means that there are fewer allergens floating around, grime does not have time to be compacted and the carpet fibres are protected.

Is shampooing or steam cleaning better for carpets?

Shampooing carpets is highly effective and dries quickly, while steam cleaning carpets still reaches more deeply into the carpet fibres.

Steam cleaning tends to protect the carpets between cleaning due to less mechanical friction.

Tips to keep the carpet clean between sessions:

  • Carpets should be dry before being used
  • Have absorbent mats at door entrances 
  • Crete a walkway for staff that is safe using other materials on top of the wet carpets
  • Do carpet cleaning out of peak times and in sections

Advantages of steam cleaning for carpets:

  • Steam cleaning carpets is also known as deep cleaning and removes most of the dirt.
  • Steam cleaning removes most of the bacteria from carpets
  • It works down to the lowest “pile” of the carpet. This means this is a more effective method of carpet cleaning.
  • Reduces chemical exposure to staff 
  • Reduces allergens in carpets. Reduced allergens mean fewer employees being sick during peak seasons

Disadvantages of steam cleaning carpets

  • Takes longer to dry, up to a full day to dry
  • Ensuring the water extraction is effective, and creating walkways around the wet areas helps to keep the carpet clean.


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